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That is a difficult question because everyone’s situation is different. Our fees are competitive but change from year to year. That said, our fees are based on the time required to prepare the return, and the degree of complexity involved. If you want a closer idea, just book an appointment, and we can discuss your particular situation.

Don’t show up with a pizza box full of receipts. It sounds crazy, but it’s true — some clients really do leave us with a bundle of disorganized receipts. Keep your records in good order — it makes our jobs easier, and reduces your total costs. We’d be happy to show you how to organize your records more efficiently.

We work to expedite your accounting and any returns you may be entitled to, in the fastest manner possible. That said, a little lead-time helps. We become very busy seasonally — particularly the spring. At these times, we deal with projects on a first-come, first-served basis.

Just give us a call at (250) 562-7413, or email us at We are always eager to meet with new clients, and would love to answer your questions in person.

Certainly! In fact we have many clients living in communities quite far from ours, from Vancouver to Smithers and to Ontario as well as everywhere in between! With today’s conveniences of email, fax and reliable courier/postal services, you’d receive the same good service as if you lived right next door. (Of course, the phone still works well too!)